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in. from the blue ridge east, we have temperatures up around 70 degrees around the suburbs and rural areas, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties, around 70 degrees. and in washington, it's 8 0 degrees at reagan national. but in the city, generally in the 70s. it's a bit warmer at reagan national, because it's on the lukewarm waters of the potomac. the water temperatures are around 80 degrees and the bay water temperatures are upper 70s to 80 degrees, so any wind off the water is certainly warmer. inland on the eastern shore, it's down into the upper 60s this morning. so quite a fresh, cool start the there. the view from space showing clouds coming in from the north, from a clufrter of thunderstorms that's been making chicago for the last couple of days and showers into northeastern ohio and northwestern pennsylvania, those will stay to our north. there's only a small chance that
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we'll get any of the storms into the mountains by later this afternoon. during the day today, after our sunrise at 6:05, we'll have clouds beginning to increase during the afternoon. becoming mostly cloudy by mid to late afternoon. before then, we should climb into the upper 80s to perhaps low 90s for a brief time mid afternoon. but it will be a bit more humid. a look at the night planner. let's check traffic. daniella, how is it looking now? >> it's looking great, let me start by saying happy friday eve to you. our roads are nice and clear. let's take a live look at the beltway. virginia, gw parkway, i see no incidents for you in either direction, it's a smooth commute for you this morning. and here's a look at the beltway in maryland at connecticut avenue, maryland, you look great as well. we did have in our region, some overnight construction, but most cones are being picked up, and i don't see anything stopping you this morning as you make your commute. as we shoot down to d.c.,
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checking the local roads for you and no incidents to report. a look at rhode island avenue and south dakota. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. today is the day redskins fans have been waiting months for now, the start of training camp. skins players will officially report to camp this morning, four and a half months after the nfl lockout began. this year's camp will be held at the team's headquarters in ashburn, if you're hoping to check it out in person, you'll have to wait until saturday, the redskins will hold the first of several practices that will be open to the public. >> and if you go out to the training camp, you're likely to see plenty of new faces on the field. the redskins have been one of the busiest teams in the nfl since the lockout ended earlier this week. perhaps the biggest move is trading quarterback donovan mcnabb to the minnesota vikings, the skins will receive a sixth-round draft pick as well and could receive an additional
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draft pick depending on mcnabb's performance in minnesota. the redskins agreed to terms yesterday with former maryland terrapin and baltimore ravens quarterback, josh wilson and former jets quarterback, kellen clemens and signed a slew of wide receivers, including gentlemjab ar gaffney and brandon stokley and donte stallworth and said he hopes his experience with john beck will help him resurrect his career. and john beck, and rex grossman, still a free agent at this point, are expected to compete for the starting quarterback job this season. new from overnight, police were called out to stop rioting at a hollywood premiere. several hundred people gathered outside graumen's chinese theater for a premiere on a
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documentary on a techno music festival. the crowd started to get out of hand when they learned a giant block party had been canceled. look at the pictures, police arrived in riot gear to battle the crowd. look at the huge size of that crowd. firing bean bags to try to get all of those folks to leave. at least two people were arrested on felony vandalism charges. this morning, we're hearing about new allegations against a local police officer already charged with trying to kill a man. mount rainier officer gene gillette is accused of sexually assaulting a man and shooting them as he tried to run away. news4 has learned that gillette is accused of similar incident in which he's accused of trying to lur another young man to his house. meanwhile, another man claims that gillette pistol whipped him
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when he was handcuffed on his way back to a police station. he was injured so badly, he had to have surgery. that man sued at the mount rainier police department settled with him. >> i hope that they keep him locked up and throw away the key. because he is wrong for what he's doing out there. >> officer gillette remains in custody this morning. a judge has ordered him held without bond. >> metro announced plans to replace some of the busiest and most problem-prone escalators in the area. right now, tracee wilkins is live at one of the problem sites in their downtown bethesda, good morning, tracee. >> absolutely. it looks like there may be some relief on the way for folks used to walking and climbing these stairs here at the bethesda metro station and replacing the stairs is not just about convenience. but it's also about safety.
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surely everyone remembers what happened back in 2010, when the escalators at lenfant plaza when the escalators gave out and sent people flying. metro's general manager is now saying that he wants all three escalators at bethesda's metro station ripped out and replaced. he'll introduce the work as part of the six-year capital improvement program. if the approved, the work will not be completed until 2014, it averages about 23,000 people using it every day. these people have gotten used to climbing the stairs. the same work to repair metro's escalators have already begun at foggy bottom and also planned for pentagon and dupont circle stations. the work still has to be approved by the board of directors for metro and again. if it is approved, they're looking at it starting in 20014. i'm tracee wilkins, live this
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morning at bethesda's metro station. back to you. >> that's some time to wait for those problems to be solved. >> metro has some of the longest escalators in the system, too, that's a hike. >> bethesda. >> what did i say? >> metro. >> i meant bethesda. >> there's a lot of long ♪
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welcome back, at 4:41, what the heck are they doing. perhaps the world is just mover interesting upside-down? well you're looking at one of the newest trends out there. it's called batting. all you have to do is suspend yourself upside-down. like you're a bat. why in the world would you do this? i guess it's the natural progression from owling where you pose like an owl and sent pictures of yourself. and that of course was the second generation of planking where you would lie down face-down in different situations. look at that i love that. that's a great photo. one of the biggest batting proponents out there is actually from our area. he started a website with pictures of batting. he's called
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i want to see you batting out there, joe. >> i'll gefr itgive it a shot. i never knew bats had their hands on their hips. i guess those are wings? >> yes. i guess this is what happens because of twitter and facebook. >> we'll check it out after the break. you never know what you'll see. let's go to tom kierein. rightside up. >> you can just turn the tv upside-down. >> we're starting off this morning with temperatures in the 60s. shenandoah valley and into the mountains, a beautiful cool start there on this 28th day of july. meanwhile, from the blue ridge east. generally it's in the upper 60s to near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas, so a beautiful start. and we've got a few high clouds coming in. jupiter is up in the southeastern sky now. right now at reagan national it's at 80 degrees and in the 70s on the waters of the bay and the title potomac at the atlantic beach as well. inland, away from the waters on the eastern shore and northern
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neck, it's dipped down into the 60s. meanwhile, we have a big cluster of showers and storms in the upper midwest and the cloud cover from that is drifting over our region. that will begin to move in later this afternoon. there's only a small chance of maybe a passing thundershower out in the mountains later today as the storms dissipate. but generally drift off to the east, passing north of us. and there's the washington monument under this mostly clear sky now. our sunrise is at 6:05. by 9:00 with the high clouds coming in, we'll be in the low 80s. partly sunny by noon time, the upper 80s and mostly cloudy by the afternoon. but before then we should make it into the low 90s and it will be a bit more humid today. here's your night planner for this thursday evening. it will be a warm and mostly cloudy evening. we'll be in the 80s from 7:00 until late evening. by midnight. we may be dipping into the upper 70s by then. a look at the big heat building for tomorrow. i'll tell you how hot it may get on friday, that will be coming up in ten minutes and look at
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the weekend. and now daniella, how's traffic? >> traffic is great so far. this is one of the pluses for being up at this time of the morning, i know you're exhausted, getting your coffee, but the roads are peaceful and it's a smooth commute. starting out in d.c., this is new york avenue at 14th street, d.c., your roadways are clear, which is good, no accidents for you. as we shoot over i-66 inside and outside of the beltway in virginia, this is a look at fairfax county parkway, clear, no accidents to report and you're traveling at a great speed. as we shoot up to 270 in maryland, 270 north and south, no incidents for you. and i can tell you right now, this is a great time to be onned roadway. joe, back to you. >> better time to be at home in bed, though. thanks very much. police are asking for your help to find a man suspected of slashing women on their rear end. these are new pictures of that suspect. there have been five cutting attacks since february, all have happened at retail stores in fairfax county. the victims are all in their
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teens to early 20s. police say the suspect has struck at the greenbriar shopping center, tyson's corner and fair oaks mall. in police in prince william say a man spotted spying outside a ped room window in woodbridge may be connected to a string of incidents. prince william parkway and summerland drive. investigators say the man did not try to get into the home and did not say anything to the victims before taking off. police believe the suspect may have been involved in three other break-ins in woodbridge and lorton in the last month. next month attorney general eric holder will meet with family members of 9/11 victims after allegations that their phones were hacked by the tabloid, "news of the world." the new-defunct newspaper also hacked into the phones of murder victims and celebrities. the parent company newscorp. calls the allegations pure speculation. if proved to be true, company
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faces civil lawsuits. the hotel maid who claims she was sexually assaulted by the former head of the international monetary fund met with prosecutors for nearly eight hours. yesterday's meeting reportedly focused on two tapes of conversations between diallo and a friend in prison. the tapes were taken shortly after strauss-kahn's arrest. this is the first time that prosecutors have met with diallo since they claim there were inconsistencies in her story. strauss-kahn has pled not guilty to the charges. the fbi is involved in the search for an 11-year-old new hampshire girl who has been missing since earlier this week. selena cass was last seen in her room at her home in west stewartstown, new hampshire around 9:00 monday evening. when her parents went to wake her on tuesday morning, selena was gone. helicopters and dogs have been brought in to search the town, which is only a mile from the canadian border. selena is described as 5'5",
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weighing 95 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, pink shirt, pink pullover and blue shorts. "jeopardy" host alex trebek is preparing to undergo surgery after chasing a woman who robbed his hotel room. the injury did not stop trebek from hosting the national geographic world championship later in the day. police eventually arrested the burglary suspect. investigators said police have not recovered one item near and dear to his heart. >> we got most of our stuff back except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, it's a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago. and that's gone and the cash. >> trebek is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. he is expected to be in a cast for about six weeks. well some hotels are ramping up security to keep robes and towels from being stolen. according to "u.s.a. today,"
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hotels are starting to use radio frequency chips to keep track of their inventory. with cotton prices on the rise and fewer employees and housekeeping, hotels are using the technology to keep a close eye on bathrobes, duvet covers, bath mats and towels. not all of the missing items are stolen, some are misplaced when they're sent to outside laundry facilities. the washington annual rescue league is asking for your help in finding homes for dozens of newly rescued dogs and cats. the furry friends were brought in from two overwhelmed west virginia shelters a few days ago. if they weren't picked up, the animals would have been euthanized, it will take a few weeks before all animals are ready for adoption. you can add to your family the weekend of august 6th.
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and the use h.s. humane soc is offering a reward for a dog who was shot. the combined reward now from the washington humane society and the u.s. humane society is at $3500. anyone with information is asked to call 202-723-5730. well, a new survey shows that men care more if their partner gains weight. they're more concerned about it. the website is and cosmopolitan magazine surveyed 78,000 people. 48% of men said they would dump their partner for gaining weight. only 20% of women said they would dump their partner for getting heavier. there was no amount of weight being listed in the question. they also were asked, what was the ultimate status symbol. men said, a family. while women said, a beautiful home. >> joe, what should i say? i don't know. i guess --
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>> just use your words. don't throw anything. >> i'm not surprised about the whole weight issue thing. i feel like men and women are different that way. >> women are more understanding? >> i guess so. i think there is a bit of a double standard. >> i think you're right. the second half of the year has not been kind to the washington national certainly. >> no, but there are reports that in an effort to plug some holes in the outfield, the nats may trade one of their best pitchers. cbs sports is reporting that the team is in talks with the minnesota twins to trade closer, drew storrin for center fielder, denard span. storrin has 25 saves this year. >> but i think he gave up the home run to end the game yesterday, causing the nats to lose that game. >> that was not a pretty game yesterday. all right, but will we have pretty weather? let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein to find out. >> a little more humid. but we're on the wonderful run with the last 48 hours and the
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low humidity. but today it will begin to creep back in. right now we're off to a pleasant start. the live picture from our city camera, the washington monument, still excellent visibility and not very humid. we're starting off mostly clear, jupiter is in the southeastern sky. we've got the summer constellations up bright on this early thursday morning. but it's still rather warm right there at reagan national, where it's right on the warm waters of the potomac, it's at 80 degrees there and the dew point is up to 63. yesterday, the dew points were in the 50s, so it's gotten a little more humid, humidity now at 56% and calm wind. temperatures out of the mountains are in the low 60s. shenandoah valley, low 60s. panhandle of west virginia, much of western maryland, only in the mid 60s. so pleasant start there for late july morning. closer to washington, it's near 70 in fairfax county and montgomery county. arlington county in the mid 70s and near 70 in prince george's county and much of southern maryland. except right on the bay waters
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where the waters are warm, it's in the 70s, but away from the waters inland in the eastern shore, their temperatures are in the 60s. and over the last 12 hours we've seen high clouds drifting in from clusters of thunderstorms plaguing the upper midwest. they're moving into northwestern pennsylvania. some may make their way into western maryland, parts of west virginia later today. likely here we won't have any storms. we'll have our sunrise at 6:05. by noon time, upper 80s with increasing clouds. we'll reach the low 90s briefly mid afternoon. a warm evening, we'll be in the 80s through the evening and we'll have quite a bit of cloudiness. and hazy, hot and humid friday, upper 90s tomorrow. saturday and sunday looking better. yesterday it was looking like we might get a few storms around. otherwise the weekend looking nice, into next week, too, we keep the pattern going. and now daniella, how's traffic? >> let's start out in virginia, 95 south, i have a disabled vehicle blocking your right lane. this is at backlit road, exit
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number 167, police are on the scene. but again, just your right lane, just stay to the left to pass this. and a look right now, 395, if you continue on to 395, it's clear north and south, both directions, you're actually clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. and a look at our area bridges, this is a look at american legion bridge. clear, no incidents to report. joe, back to you. all right. daniella, thanks very much. tomorrow, president obama will announce the new fuel economy standards. starting in 2025, automakers will required to meet a 54.5 miles per gallon target in cars and trucks. the white house says the agreement will result in significant cost savings for consumers at the pump. and cut pollution and reduce oil consumption. well if you have flown recently, you may get a tax refund. >> but it's not from the irs, it's from the airlines, actually. travelers who bought airplane tickets before july 23rd, could get a refund of the taxes that they paid on those tickets, because airlines were forced to
4:55 am
stop collecting taxes after a partial shutdown of the faa was forced last weekend. the irs says they have asked the airlines to refund passengers who are eligible. if passengers have difficulty dealing with an airline, they can also submit a claim through the irs. russia announced plans to sink the international space station at the end of its life cycle after 2020. the russian space agency says if the iss is left alone, it poses a huge risk of becoming an enormous bundle of space junk. the iss was launched in 1998, originally planned to operate through 2013, but its service was officially extended last year. the russian space agency already sank one space station in the pacific ocean in 2001. our time right now is 4:55, coming up, a local deputy's quick actions that have him being called a hero. >> we were promised hope. today many believe their
4:56 am
american dream has been lost. >> the new gop ad that takes aim at president obama. why not everyone
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well, if you have unpaid parking tickets in d.c., here's a chance to save some money. starting monday, drivers can pay the face value of an old ticket without paying the late penalty. it only applies to tickets issued before january 2010. d.c. officials believe this
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ticket amnesty program will help bring in about $6 million. and now, you have no excuse not to feed the meter. today d.c. mayor vincent gray will announce every meter in the district can be paid by phone. all you have to do is register with the website park mobile, park mobil and i guess you can use an app, or even a toll-free phone to pay the parking meter. to register for free to pay meters, by phone, just go to, a loudoun county sheriffs deputy is being hailed a hero for saving a little girl hanging over a three-story balcony. paramedics were helping another child who had just fallen from the balcony in sterling, tuesday, when the deputy nlgtsed the girl dangling from the railing. he ran up the stairs
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